FighterPOS – DIY Malware

August 8, 2015

I would first like to credit TrendMicro with their initial research on FighterPOS. There have been an emegerence of new domains for FighterPOS recently and I discovered a whole load of other possible domains that could be used for the command and control. This particular peice of malware uses a open source VB6 peice of malware called ‘vnLoader’. The author of FighterPOS has either got himself or asked someone else to create a modified version to use as POS malware.

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Surveying CodeCanyon Scripts – XSS, LFI, SQLi & More

August 2, 2015


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CodeCanyon is a well known marketplace for code such as PHP scripts. I’ve taken a little of my time this week to check through “new” items coming through as well as some popular and random scripts. I decided I would not do an extensive penetration test on each script, simply see how fast I can find a vulnerability from each script. I didn’t take any longer than half an hour on any script I chose to look at. In total I found 17 vulnerabilities, without any use of scanners or any automated tools, this was simply me and the browser.

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