Malware Isn’t All Fireworks

March 15, 2015

As most of my articles commenting on the infosec area, I’m coming from my own experiences, I’ve been looking into infosec daily for about 2 years and is the nearest thing I have to a job. An increasing number of people from different backgrounds, be it network/system administration to a 14 year old school kid seem to be interested in information security. So they should be, it is a growing sector of the IT community, it pays well and has some fairly interesting aspects to it. Malware analysis is steadily becoming a hot topic in infosec due to the amount of threats it gives each year, in 2014 PoS malware boomed and several major companies around the world had been affected (Not naming any names 😉 ). With media coverage gradually growing on such topics such as malware it seems just like me, more people are coming out and commenting on the state of the malware sector. One thing I hear very commonly is simply:

“Advanced malware uses 0-days and sophisticated methods to connect to the command and control server.”

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