Inside The Vault – CoinVault Ransomware Technical Analysis

November 27, 2014

Coinvault surfaced around November time publicly, ransomware seems to be a growing trend; One, being the fast cash approach instead of reading logs and stealing things. With ransomware, you get your money back fast. Two, ransomware can be easily made unlike other forms of malware. Three, since CryptoLockers inception it seems as if everyone wants to copy it, which is normal as it was fairly successful.

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Why Views On Skids Have To Change

November 23, 2014

It’s well-known in the infosec world that the word ‘skid’ isn’t a nice label, it’s used as an insult to describe newbies or kids that have most likely just engaged in hacking. If you need to look further into the word skid or script kiddie, you’ll find Hack Forums being mentioned a fair amount of times; you only have to glance at Urban Dictionary to find it. This human condition of ‘us’ and ‘them’ creates groups and while it has positives, it inevitably has its negatives too.

One of the few positives in calling someone a skid or associating every single person on HackForums as one is for the individual in question to be motivated by this to enhance their skills, this motivation allows the individual to prove the accuser wrong and get the last laugh. Surprisingly most of the time it isn’t the case, a lot of people will ignore shouts of skid at them and shrug them off as haters. In fact, from what I’ve viewed on multiple communities including Hack Forums, members engage the offender into a childish squabble to prove themselves, whether they are right on the hand is another matter.

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